Sermon Series - 4G Stewardship

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Sermon Series - 4G Stewardship

The 4G Sermon Series focuses on the subject of stewardship, particularly in the area of stewarding God’s resources as well as our own.  When it comes to stewardship, many minds go to the issue of money or some other material good, which is not altogether inappropriate but by itself is insufficient.  In this series we focus our attention on stewardship and its relationship to important immaterial goods such as Grace, Gift, Gratitude and Generosity.


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4G Stewardship Part 1 - Nov. 1, 2015

4G Stewardship Part 2 - Nov. 8, 2015

4G Stewardship Part 3 - Nov. 15, 2015

4G Stewardship Part 4 - Nov. 22, 2015