New Century Club

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New Century Club

Throughout most of its 20th century history the ministry of the Beverly Heights Church included two “supper clubs;” one called Lamplighters and the other The Century Club. The membership of The Century Club was comprised of married couples whose combined ages totaled at least 100 years. In the mid-1990s The Century Club disbanded due to waning interest and unavailability of willing leadership.

Mary and I would like to help reconstitute that experience in a fresh and contemporary way. The New Century Club will meet the need for engagement and fellowship of a new generation of 50s-and-above men and women who are both single and married and who are members of the Beverly Heights Church as well as members of the community who will be invited into the fellowship of Christ’s body.

We are truly blessed at Beverly Heights by the willingness of our 50+ year old members who consistently participate in programs and ministries that have a predisposition toward and appeal to younger families with children. This is as it should be.  Some call this “intergenerational ministry;” I simply call it being the church. However, the interests, tastes and needs of us older members are slightly different than those of our children and our children’s children (to use a biblical phrase). The New Century Club will keep these differences in mind while affirming and encouraging the intergenerational fellowship that is truly one of our congregation’s strengths.

Specifically, The New Century Club will be a supper club that meets 4-5 times per year in the church Social Room. Dinner will be served at the cost of $15. per person/$30. per couple. A program of interest to the group will accompany the dinner. Attention to detail, quality and a quiet, relaxed atmosphere will characterize the experience and, hopefully, serve as an encouragement for you to come and to invite unchurched neighbors and friends. We will never forget that we are the church of our Lord Jesus Christ and this is an opportunity, primarily, to promote the fellowship of the Body of Christ in this place.

We’d like to kick off the first gathering on Tuesday evening, December 15th with dinner beginning at 6:30 P.M. At 7:30 P.M. our entertainment for the evening will be provided by five musicians from the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. You may register your intentions on the Count Me In portion of the weekly bulletin or via email to Finally, if you would like to partner with Mary and me on a leadership team please indicate that as well; we would certainly enjoy working with you and, frankly, we could use the help.

If you have any questions or if you are in need of transportation please contact me at the office at 412-561-5100 or at Thanks for considering participation in this new ministry initiative.