Musings From a Laundry Mat

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Musings From a Laundry Mat

Is there hope, surely life is not a bad joke,
when your at the end of your rope, who’s there to save you?

Or do you fall in the abyss, that’s it ,the end.
Is there something more, why do I exist ? I cry out,
“Why me?” The echo replies, “Why not?”
Falling, falling, falling will I ever stop?

I’m an accident thrown together by chance, a tiny
dot, cosmic dust, compost for the universe, nothing,
nothing in nothingness, I fall, fall, fall into the black abyss...

A small voice within me, the one I oft ignored, till it spoke to me no more, I hear it now, I hear it now! 

“ You were made in My image, you have, purpose you have value.” It echoes through my head a thunderous roar, shaking me to the marrow, awake, awake my hardened soul.

“Fear not, I am wth you, I am the hope you need,
I will not leave or forsake you, in your time of need. You must believe, confess, I am your Lord, repent and I will make you new. My Spirit will indwell you, I will not let you go!” 

The hounds of heaven caught me, on my knees I did implore, “Oh God save this blind sinner, forgiveness I do not deserve, I cling to the Cross of Jesus, he died for all my sins. By his shed blood he covers me, to God I’m born anew.
Shielded from his wrath, I stand before the throne, broken but forgiven, I am not my own.

O praise the Lord of Heaven, for Holy is his name! His love for us is endless and His grace is overflowing when He calls us by our name. Now you know my story and all I wrote is true. Believe in Christ my savior and he will do the same for you!