Jack Doyle

Building and Grounds Coordinator

Jack retired in 2011 after working 38 years as a project engineer, maintenance manager and purchasing manager with Dupont, Bayer and the last 30 years with Eastman Chemical. 

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

Upon retirement, he served as project manager for the church’s Next Step capital campaign overseeing the many repairs, upgrades and renovations to the building. Shortly after completion of that work, he became the Buildings and Grounds Coordinator for Beverly Heights.

Jack keeps the church running and well oiled. On a recent morning when the temperature dipped near zero, the locks froze. Jack sprayed WD40 which kept the ice from reforming (WD stands for water dispersant, he explains). 

He and his wife Katie have been members of Beverly Heights since 1979. Jack has also served on the Board of Deacons and Session and sings in the adult choir.

They are the parents of two daughters, Meg and Sarah, and grandparents of six.

Jack loves baseball. In addition to past involvement with the Mt. Lebanon Girls' Softball Association for more than 30 years, he also played baseball in college. He is a regular attendee of the Pirates Fantasy Camp each January in Bradenton, FL.