Flower Power?

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Flower Power?

Read Carl Trueman's article entitled, "Flower Power?." Dr. Trueman is a professor in the Calderwood School of Arts and Humanities at Grove City College, Pa., and Senior Fellow at the Institute for Faith and Freedom.

His article addresses the practice of confessing to plants established by the New York Theological Seminary. I have posted on this seminary on April 22 and May 6th of 2019, regarding their unorthodox and dare I say, blasphemous theology.

My thoughts:

1. How does one select a plant to confess to?

2. Which is smarter, a rock or a plant? Although rocks can be sharp, edgy and rather flinty at times, a plant can do, 'log-a-rithms,' "trunk-ate' decimals, square roots, they also come armed with pistols and like to shoot up things. They have a bark, but no need to worry they won't bite you. I'll go with the plant every time.

3. What's in your garden?

Thank you Bill Mehaffey for the article!