Evangelism Initiative Redux

Evangelism Initiative Redux

Dear Friends in Christ,

I am prompted to write to you as a follow up to our Evangelism Initiative 2016 conference Him We Proclaim :  Evangelism for Ordinary People that we hosted here at the church this past weekend.  What a wonderful event it was and how thankful to God I am for all that He accomplished and will continue to do through it.  Because I don’t have the time this afternoon to focus on the elegance of this note please allow me to simply bullet a number of the thoughts that are swirling around my head and making an impression on my heart:

  • I am extremely grateful to God for the work of our Evangelism Initiative Team, for all of their hard work in preparation, prayer, promotion and execution of the event.  Scott Moore, Don Duncan, Lisa Tyger and Nate Devlin worked tirelessly and enthusiastically in response to the promptings of the Holy Spirit in order to make the weekend a huge success.  Let me also offer thanks to Holly Lefever for the generosity of her time, spirit and talents in making every aspect of the event a wonderful time of fellowship and hospitality.  Thanks, too, to Bob Kelley who, in spite of spending Friday in the hospital with vertigo, still ensured that our tech needs were met with the help of Patrick Hogg and Chris Fisher.  On his back, in a dark room, taking anti-nausea drugs with the world around him spinning he was able to keep the sound sounding, the computers computing and the pictures showing…that’s commitment!
  • I am also grateful to all of you who set aside some precious free time to be in attendance at the events on Friday morning and evening, Saturday morning and Sunday morning.  I know that your lives are busy and the weekends of rest and relaxation come around only every 7 days but you saw the benefit of the event ahead of time, the Spirit of God moved you to make the commitment and you came through and I thank you for that commitment.
  • For those who couldn’t be a part of the weekend what happened was (1) we were trained in some of the dynamics and particulars of personal evangelism, (2) we were challenged to get on with it, (3) many made personal commitments before the Lord to do just that and (4) many began immediately to look for and pray for “spiritually thirsty people” to cross their paths.
  • Three important takeaway themes were: (1)  Evangelism is a process and not a program; our involvement anywhere along the process of God calling people to Himself engages us in evangelism…it’s not just about closing the deal, as important as that is, (2) We need to look for and pray that the Lord will bring to us those who are spiritually thirsty so that they may be spiritually enabled to hear what we share with them and come to faith, (3) Dare to share your faith.
  • Though our leadership teams are asking the question “What’s Next?” from a congregational/corporate perspective there are at least three things we all can do right now:  (1) begin/continue to connect with people who don’t know Christ on a personal/friendship level and look for opportunities to hear their stories and share yours, (2) begin to be bolder in seizing opportunities for conversations/comments with spiritual content/reference, (3) Pray, and here is one opportunity to do so:  Beginning tomorrow night the sanctuary will be open and available for prayer.  This will be quiet, private and personal.  Come to the sanctuary for 20 minutes – 6:30-6:50 PM to pray for yourself, pray for others who don’t know Christ, pray for opportunities, pray for boldness, but pray!  Childcare will be provided in the RunAbouts Room for these 20 minutes only.

That’s it for now, dear friends.  Have a wonderful week – look for spiritually thirsty people – dare to share!

Faithfully in Him,