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eCare - Young Minds, Big Thoughts

Dear Friends in Christ,

It is said “turnaround is fair play” and so I guess the conversations of last evening are perfectly in bounds.  Having mentioned, last Sunday, theological truths that might cause the congregation’s heads to explode in contemplation I had my own experience last evening, prompted by two of my grandchildren.

In the midst of tucking into his salad at a local restaurant, Cooper, age 10, totally unprompted by any other conversation exclaimed “So, I was thinking, did God create His own parents?” In response to which I choked, gaged and sprayed iced tea across the restaurant!  I asked him to ask the question again, perhaps in a different way.  This, of course, was a ploy to buy me some time to figure out how I was going to suggest that Mimi was a much better person to answer the question than Grampie.  He then proceeded to make attempts at sounding the depths of history, prehistory, eternity, the character of God and the nature of Jesus Who was both 100% God and 100% man.  He finally said, “It’s so confusing, Grampie” and I heartily agreed.  Head explosion!!

Then, when I returned home from a meeting at the church Mary informed me that I had received a call from my middle granddaughter, Morgan, age 7.  She asked her father, Zachary, why people don’t all have the same last name.  She wanted to know why Adam and Eve’s last name wasn’t Wolling.  Zachary punted the ball and suggested she call Grampie.  Much to her benefit she got Mimi on the phone who ran her through centuries of the history of metaphysics, epistemology, antiquities and genealogy and then suggested that she follow up with Grampie sometime.  I dodged a bullet but my head exploded just the same.

What’s the point here?  Let me be quick to say that the point is NOT that these questions are being asked by a pastor’s grandchildren as if they are any more inquisitive or astute than children of other parentage.  Rather, the point is that children ages 10 and 7 are at a point in their intellectual/spiritual development when questions of life, death, eternity and God are very much on their minds.  They, like all of us, have been made in the image of God and for a relationship with God and though, like all of us, they suffer the effects of original sin their longing to understand and know God has not been totally obliterated by that sin. And so, they ponder and wonder and ask.

However, this period of curiosity is an open window that will soon close if it is not engaged and nurtured through honest, loving and enthusiastic conversation that is augmented and inspired by good reading, formal Christian education through the church and, most particularly, the reference to and reading of the Bible.  At one point in the conversation Cooper expressed the concern that there were many things that we couldn’t prove to be true and I, in my only moment of clarity and certainty, pointed him to God’s Word as the place where we find real truth about things that cause our heads to explode!

By the way, let me put in a plug for the Grand Parenting Matters seminar we are hosting here at Beverly Heights in May.  I suspect that what we’ll hear in addition to many other helpful things is that you don’t have to be a pastor or a theologian or an educator to be a good grandparent…but you do have to be there across from the salad bar when your grandchild says, like a bolt out of the blue “I was just thinking…”

Faithfully in Him,