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eCare - Happenings

Dear Friends in Christ,

From time to time the demands of the ministry require that I revert to the original purpose of the eCare from years ago which is to alert the members of the Beverly Heights congregation to new developments in the ministry. Therefore, I ask those of you who are faithful and encouraging readers who are not members of the congregation to either read what’s going on at our end of the swamp or to simply close the document and await the next installment that will probably look and sound a bit more like what you have become used to seeing.
And, thanks to all of you for your faithful attention to this eCare and for your encouraging and supportive responses.

Here’s some of what’s going on:

  • Security is a big and growing issue for us at Beverly Heights and I think that most of you understand why given what we are reading and hearing in the news lately. Your Session is taking a three-pronged approach to security issues as they are dealing with legal security, medical security and security on our church campus.
  • With the help of Elder Bob Thomson the Session has discussed numerous issues relating to the documents that define who we are and what we do as a church. The Session has approved a number of position and policy papers that are designed to protect us from potential legal actions as we stand firm on what we believe about the Christian faith and how we will and will not operate. Additionally, we are taking action to comply with newly passed regulations regarding the requirements for State Police and FBI clearances relating to child abuse. All of our paid employees, ages 14 and up are required to have these clearances on file before the end of the year. I hope you’ll be relieved to know that I have passed my two criminal checks but I have not yet gotten my required fingerprinting…you’ll have to continue to hold your breath!
  • The Session has authorized the formation of a Medical Response Team led by Elder Bill Lewis and a Security Team led by Elder Frank Davis. The medical team will be designed to respond to medical emergencies we encounter when the congregation is together here at the church and provide a coordinated effort to address anything from a child’s bump on the head to more serious neurological and cardiac episodes. The team’s sole function will be to provide first-response and assessment of the need for additional professional medical care and transport. The Security Team will work to ensure the safety of all those who gather here at Beverly Heightson Sundaymornings, again, providing first-response and assessment of the need for professional involvement in matters that may arise.
  • We now have a group of people who are gathering for prayer each Sunday morning10-10:30 AM in the B-Level Meeting Room which may be accessed by descending the stairway in the south-west entry to the sanctuary. The room is just at the foot of the steps. Please join Elders Dave Caldwell and Matt Foreman and Dr. Andy Chu to pray for those on the bulletin Prayer Sheet and other needs in our congregation and those that you may bring with you.
  • Last Sunday we rolled out our redesigned website. Go towww.beverlyheights.organd spend some time clicking around and see what’s available. Be warned…it’s still a work in progress.
  • WednesdayNight Heights resumes this Wednesday night. Dinner will be served5:45-6:30 PM. The cost will be $5 for an individual with a maximum of $15 for a family. This year you will be able to purchase dinner using your ATM or credit card.
  • This week, followingWednesday Night Heights, in the time slot reserved forWednesdayNight Bible Study (our study of the patriarchs will resume the following week) we will receive a report from our team that ministered in Haiti this summer.
  • In any budget discussion in which I’ve been involved during 40 years of pastoral ministry there is always talk about needing to put money aside “in case the boiler blows up.” It’s never happened…until this year. The Session just approved the expenditure of $28,000 in order to rebuild a portion of the heating unit that, when the other half was worked on years ago, was in good enough shape to leave alone. Now, we cannot receive a certificate to fire the big, gray behemoth up until it is repaired. If we were good enough stewards we would have bottled up some of the August heat to use this November! Alas…
  • As part of our Evangelism Initiative 2016 we are going to memorize scripture together as a congregation. Each week, just before the scripture reading I will lead us in an exercise to memorize key portions of scripture that are useful in doing personal evangelism. I know, I know…but it will be fun…trust me!
  • Men…what up? We’ve got a great, down and dirty, 24 hour retreat planned for Friday/Saturday October 9 and 10. The site is Antiochian Village, about a 65 minute drive from home. We begin at 5 PM (or whenever you can get there) and we’ll be home by dinneron Saturday. The leaves will keep, your kids will get along without you being at their game for oneSaturday, you’ve put off painting the garage door all summer – it can wait one more week. Come on…sign up!

Check out the website and the church bulletin for more specific info relating to dates and times of our fall start-up. ‘Looking forward to seeing many of you on the Lord’s Day. Until then, I remain,

Faithfully in Christ,