eCare - Apropos of Nothing

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eCare - Apropos of Nothing

Dear Friends in Christ,

Yesterday morning I drove to the Northside to make a delivery I have been anticipating for over four months. Mary and I delivered two boxes of unneeded post-operative supplies to Brother’s Brother, an organization that collects unused medical supplies and equipment and redistributes them to those in need. It’s a great organization with a huge warehouse full of hospital beds, walkers and other materials that may otherwise have been put out for the trash. Keep Brother’s Brother in mind when you are cleaning out the attic and have a pair of crutches or a shower stool you want to recycle.

I mention our delivery to Brother’s Brother because it was a milestone in a saga that began for Mary over seven months ago. Today, three hospitalizations, three surgeries and countless diagnostic tests later she is one surgeon-visit away from being finished with this difficult ordeal. Again, I mention this as a means and opportunity to thank so many of you who have sustained her and me, too, with your prayers, your well-wishes, your cards and kind expressions of encouragement and love. We could not have done this without our Beverly Heights Church family and many of you who, though far away in some cases, have upheld us before the Lord, checked up on us and made so many more offers of help than we could ever have accepted.

Words are inadequate to express how grateful we are to the Lord for His lovingkindness in restoring Mary to health and strength. She still has a ways to go but we think we can see the end in sight and, as always, He is there to walk with us, guide us, sustain us and encourage us. And how does He do that? He accomplishes His purposes in myriad ways but, surely, through the ministry of many of you to us. So, please accept our most humble, heartfelt and sincere thanks for all you have done. 

And, apropos of nothing: I stopped off at Rollier’s Hardware the other day on my way home from the hospital to pick up something, I forget what. As I approached the cashier there was an elderly gentleman of about 80+ years standing at the counter. He was leaning on his walker and appeared to be somewhat flummoxed by the credit card machine and the new requirements associated with using his card with a “chip.” He was obviously nervous as he thought he was holding me up and I tried to give him a deferential and reassuring smile.

Eventually, he completed his transaction and made his way out to his car. Upon completing my purchase I walked toward the door when, upon looking down, I found that the poor man had obviously dropped his wallet and there is lay, flopped open on the floor of the hardware store. I smiled to myself, “poor old guy, “ picked up the wallet and ran out into the parking lot while waving the billfold overheard and shouting, “Sir, sir, I think you dropped your wallet.” He checked his pocket and sure, enough, it was his. He thanked me, shaking his head in frustration with himself as he painfully climbed into his vehicle.

“Sweet man,” I thought, as I turned and jumped into my car. I pulled out my keys and reached down to insert them in the ignition switch. The key wouldn’t go into the switch…must be the wrong key. No, it was the right key. I tried again, to no avail. “What in the world is going on here?” I thought. I heard the older gentleman’s car start up with a great roar and I had a moment’s pause as I considered him flying out of his parking spot and rear-ending me.

Back to my ignition key; I tried one more time and, again, it wouldn’t work. I looked in my rear view mirror to see the man approaching the back of my car. Was he going to hit me? Should a man in that condition be driving in the first place? Just as my eyes turned from the rearview mirror my attention was captured by two things. First, there was a package on the front seat of the car that I didn’t recognize and, these days, a strange package of unknown origin evokes concern. Second, my car’s upholstery which, when I went into the store was black, was now beige.

You got it…I was in the wrong car! I jumped out of the car, just as the elderly gentleman was backing out of his stall. He looked at me as if he knew all along what I had done and now, flummoxed myself and feeling stupid, I explained “Wrong car!” He flashed me a knowing and empathetic smile and said “We’re both getting old…now I know what I have to look forward to!”

And so it goes.

Faithfully in Him,