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eCare - A Notable Faith

First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for all of you, because your faith is proclaimed in all the world.
Romans 1. 8

Dear Friends in Christ,

This past Wednesday evening our weekly Bible study focused its attention on the above verse written to the church in Rome by the Apostle Paul.  During our study I noted that in at least two other places (Colossae and Thessalonica) Paul commended his readers for their reception of the Gospel and their notable faith.

All churches, including Beverly Heights as well those with which many of the readers of this eCare are associated are known for something.  Some churches are known for good preaching, solid teaching, warm community, passionate outreach and evangelism, large youth ministries, etc.  And none of these things would a congregation reject by way of notable characteristic.  What do you think your church is known for?

The question I asked our Bible study this week is What should our church be known for?  Prompted by the text in Romans I asked further What are the characteristics of a congregation’s (or individual’s) faith that is “proclaimed in all the world?”  What does a notable faith look like? What follows are the suggestions I made on Wednesday evening that you might find helpful.

What kind of faith is it that is “proclaimed in all the world?”

  1. A faith that is initiated in us as a gift of God’s grace - A faith that is GRACIOUS
  2. A faith that is founded upon the work of Jesus Christ - A faith that is REDEMPTIVE
  3. A faith that is enabled by the Holy Spirit - A faith that is REGENERATIVE
  4. A faith that is the means by which we are reconciled to God - A faith that is ATONING
  5. A faith that leads to personal transformation - A faith that is SANCTIFYING
  6. A faith that is moment by moment - A faith that is SUFFICIENT
  7. A faith that integrates God’s truth with daily living - A faith that is INTEGRATED
  8. A faith that manifests itself in love for others - A faith that is LOVING
  9. A faith that drives us to share the gospel with others - A faith that is EVANGELISTIC
  10. A faith that encourages and builds up others - A faith that is EDIFYING
  11. A faith that promotes and preserves reconciliation with others - A faith that is UNIFYING
  12. A faith that is full of hope - A faith that gives HOPE
As the Lord’s Day fast approaches allow me to remind you of the following:

Ø  This Sunday is a Beverly Heights Together, 10/11/12 Sunday – Sunday School begins at 10 AM, our only worship service begins at 11 AM and Linger Longer, our post-worship fellowship begins at 12 PM.

Ø  This Sunday is also Urban Impact Sunday.  We will welcome Rev. Dr. Ed Glover, founding director and some of his staff to share with us in the leadership of our worship service.  Some of the musicians from UIF will also be with us.

Ø  This Sunday we will receive the Baby Bottle offering in support of our local Pregnancy Resource Center.

I look forward to seeing many of you on the Lord’s Day.

Faithfully in Him,