Bob Kelley

Director of Student Ministry

Bob first started working as a part-time computer tech at Beverly Heights in 2000 while still attending Mt. Lebanon High School.

After earning an associate’s degree in computer and network systems from Pittsburgh Technical Institute in 2003, he started working in the tech field, but quickly felt God’s call to leave that, and instead work with technology at Beverly Heights in conjunction with a new call for youth ministry.

For 14 years he worked alongside Joe Williams as the Ministry Associate for Youth and Technology where he grew steadily under the tutelage of Rick Wolling, Nate Devlin and Joe Williams among others.

In September 2018, when Joe retired, Bob was called to be the next Director of Student Ministry, succeeding his mentor Joe.

While Bob will always retain his technical skills, he is focused in his new role on reaching, teaching and caring for the middle and high school students that God has sovereignly placed here at Beverly Heights, and those in the local community.