America's Schools Flunk

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America's Schools Flunk

The Wall Street Journal in an Editorial Board opinion piece entitled, "America's Schools Flunk," point to the sad state of affairs of public education in America today. Despite more money being dumped into public education, the results from "The 2019 National Assessment of Educational Results," are abysmal. Only 35% of fourth graders, rated proficient in reading. News Flash: If you're not proficient in reading by fourth grade, you probably never will be. The achievement gap keeps widening and our children keep falling behind. This should be a wake up call for America, our children are the future, and right now the future looks bleak.

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Here are some, in my opinion, common sense solutions to our educational dilemma.

1. Why are we rated 30th in the world in math and science? Go see what number one is   doing, and do it better. We need to be number one! 

2. Dump all textbooks that are being pushed on us from California and find ones that ignore, political correctness, social justice, and use pronouns incorrectly.

3. Reading is fundemental. Find teachers that can teach it and let them have at it. We don't need some goofball's PhD thesis trying to re-invent the wheel and experimenting on our children. Phonetics works!

4. Memorization is not oppressive. Memorize the times tables and other handy facts.

5. Charter schools foster competition for educational dollars and raise the level of education over all, making it a win-win for all in the community. Insist on them.

6. Teach students to think for themselves by studying the books written by the great thinkers and writers of the past. Shakespeare was not a racist ,homophobe, etc.

7. Writing and being able to express one's thoughts in cogent sentences and paragraphs are still essential skills for communication in todays world. This needs to be emphasized  along with correct, spelling, grammar, punctuation and yes, cursive penmanship.

8. If you read this far God Bless You!